The team

The Directors are supported by a management team comprising the Home Manager, Deputy Home Manager and Secretary to the Directors.

Board of Directors

  • Dr. Robbie Hanna, Director
  • Miss. Eileen Baird, Director
  • Mr. Andrew Pollock, Director
  • Mr. Bryan Mauger, Director
  • Mr. Paul Burnard, Director
  • Mr. Hubertus Lau, Director
  • Mr. Chris Betley, Director

Management of the home

The management team comprises:

  • Ms. Gillian Kelly, Home Manager
  • Mrs. Lucy Despres, Deputy Home Manager
  • Mr. Paul Robilliard, Secretary to the Board of Directors

The Staff team

The staff team consists, the home Manager and Deputy home Manager who are supported by senior and care staff. Ancillary support is provided by Catering, Domestic and maintenance staff. There is also an Activity Organizer who provides a range of individual and group activities for the residents. An ongoing training programme is provided for staff to ensure good practice is maintained.