Residential Fees

How are Fees Charged and What Fee Structure is Planned for the New Development.

Residential fees are discussed on an individual basis with the Home Manager. The following is intended to provide information on how fees are calculated.

Fees are reviewed by the Directors on an annual basis. The current fee structure is based on bedroom size and facilities provided; most bedrooms have en-suite facilities. All fees include an element of top up, again this being based on the provision provided.

Residential Fees are paid monthly in advance by Standing Order. Fees are made up of three elements, these are:

Long Term Care Benefit

All citizens, including those retired from work, living in the Bailiwick of Guernsey pay into the States of Guernsey Long Term Insurance Fund. The amount you pay is based on your income, this includes pensions.

The purpose of the fund is to cover the cost of providing long term residential or nursing care.

How do you access the fund

If is felt that a person requires long term or respite care then they are in the first instance assessed by a social worker who will refer the individual together with the assessment report to the Needs Assessment Panel, membership of the panel comprises representatives from nursing, medical, social work and therapy staff.

If the panel agrees that the individual requires care, then a certificate is issued that enables the individual to access the benefit. Currently (as of 1 January 2018) the benefit amounts to £444.57 per week for a person residing in residential care; the amount of benefit differs for a person requiring EMI, nursing or respite care.

Once the certificate has been issued then the individual or their family can decide on the home they would like to live in. When they move to the home of their choice they will give a copy of the certificate to the home who will then claim the benefit from the Employment and Social Security Department.

Co Payment

This is the amount you are expected to pay from your State Old Age Pension towards the cost of your care, for the current year (as from 1 January 2018) this amounts to £200.62 per week. The amount remaining from your pension is retained by you as a personal allowance.

Top Up

This is the amount charged by the home as an additional charge. The amount varies from home to home and is based on the total fee charge calculated by the home minus the Long-Term Care Benefit and the Co-Payment. The amount of top up charged by Le Platon will vary and is largely based on the facilities provided by the home.

Going forward, the Directors' ambition regarding fees is to mirror the example of the homes benefactor, Miss Renouf and provide some of the rooms at a flat fee rate; the rate would be inclusive of the Long-Term Care Benefit rate and co- payment with no top up being charged. Achieving the ambition will however be dependant on the build cost of the development and the ongoing debt payment of a loan.